Sports colours were awarded to those boys who excelled at the relevant sport.  They were awarded by the games master usually during a school assembly. Colours were awarded permanently and would be held for as long as the boy was at the school.

The names of all boys who had been awarded colours were shown on the colours boards.  These were in the small corridor inside the Tower (for Rugby and Hockey) and on the Cricket pavilion wall for cricket colours.

Boys who had been awarded colours were identifiable as follows;

  • Rugby – a corbie badge was sewn onto their First XV rugby jersey
  • Hockey – a corbie badge was sewn onto their First XI hockey jersey
  • Cricket – a colours cap was awarded (this was the red school cap with white marking)

The sports photos show the colours on the journeys.

Rugby Colours board

1925 T. McArdle (c), H. Doherty, R. McKillop, T. White, W. McLean, J. Eaves, M. Carty, D. Duffy, J. McCombes
1926 J. Eaves (c), R. O’Connor, W. McLean, G. Carruth, J. McCombes
1927 R. O’Connor (c), J. Carruth, H. Boultwood, W. Young, J. Dunn
1928 J. Dunn (c), H. Boultwood, J. Carruth, W. Young, D. Matheson, E. Froes, I. Kennedy, G. Whitehead, D. Carruth
1929 D. Matheson (c), D. Carruth, G. Whitehead, J. Birnie
1930 G. Whitehead (c), J. Brusey, J. Birnie, J. Harrower, P. Shiel, E. Herraghty, J. McLaughlin, J. O’Hara, P. Byrne
1931 J. McLaughlin (c), P. Byrne, J. O’Hara, P. Shiel, J. McFall, P. Reilly, J. Foy, J. Stephen, P. Murphy, B. Beers, D. Kelly
1932 P. Byrne (c), J. Stephen, J. Foy, P. Reilly, B. Beers, D. Kelly, M. Walsh
1933 P. Byrne (c), J. Rogers, J. Lewis, R. Phoenix, J. Jennings, A. Macdonald
1934 R. Phoenix (c), J. Barry, J. Rogers, M. Reilly, J. MacLennan, W. Mackay, G. Bartlett
1935 W Mackay (c), P. Mohan
1936 P. Mohan (c), M. Loftus, W. Christopher, F. Taylor, A. MacQueen
1937 M. Loftus (c), W. Christopher, A. MacQueen, D. Barry, R. Levack, H. Curran, E. MacQueen, W. Kelly, W. MacDonald
1938 R. Levack (c), W. MacDonald, F. MacQueen, H. Curran, O. Walsh, J. Laverty, A. Watson, F. Sutherland
1939 F. Sutherland (c), T. Crawford, P. Barry, O. Flynn, V. Birch, J. Dalgleish
1940 R. McLernan (c), R. Anderson, J. Dalgleish, R. Di Rollo, N. McGregor
1941 R. Di Rollo (c), N. McGregor, J. Dalgleish, N. Baird
1942 N. Baird (c), M. Keegan, M. Couttie, J. Harris, I. Di Rollo
1943 I. Di Rollo (c), D. Atkinson, K. Murray, T. Herd, D. Korczynski
1944 D. Atkinson (c), K. Murray, D. Korczynski, J. Locke. P. Crossan, J. Marin, C. Hall
1945 C. Hall (c), C. Di Giacomo, A. Greco
1946 D. McKay (c), A. Greco, H. Cardosi, M. Crawford, J. Korczynski
1947 M. Crawford (c), J. Caruana, D. Dando, J. McEachin
1948 J. Caruana (c), L. Murray, R. Baird, J. Malone, C. Barrett
1949 J. Malone (c), L. Caruana
1950 J. Malone (c), L. Caruana, F. Whitehurst, R. Seed, F. Chapelle, R. Duncan, T. McLaughlin
1951 F. Whitehurst (c), T. McLaughlin, R. Duncan, B. Paton, V. Macari, A. Haworth
1952 F. Whitehurst (c), R. Duncan, B. Paton, V. Macari, P. Mooney, A. Haworth
1953 P. Mooney (c), W. Mackenzie
1954 G. Martin (c), R. Swift
1955 R. Swift (c), K. Deady, J. Kelman, R. Beith
1956 J. Kelman (c), A. Duncan, M. Cipolato, C. Dunn
1957 A. Duncan (c), C. Dunn, M. Cipolato, E. Di Rollo, B. Spary, G. Dupuis
1958 M. Cipolato (c), I. Daly
1959 R. Sinclair (c), I. Macdonald, J. van Bavel
1960 J. van Bavel (c), I. Atkinson, R. Godfrey, G. McGlynn
1961 G. McGlynn (c), A. Young
1962 H. Shannon (c), J. Marshall, A. Burns
1963 R. Drummond (c), P. Perrin, I. Campbell, W. Chisholm, R. Cardosi
1964 J. Slight (c), H. Walker
1965 J. Edgar (c), D. Shannon, C. Campbell
1966 D. Haworth (c), P. Diviani
1967 A. Cousland (c), P. Doyle, K. Janik
1968 P. Doyle (c), C. Donne, C. Grieve
1969 P. Doyle (c), P. Greco, J. Doyle, V. Chlebowski
1970 J. Doyle (c), V. Chlebowski, J. Edgar, B. Lanni, P. Dalton
1971 J. Edgar (c), P. Dalton, B. Lanni
1972 M. Doyle (c), R. Grant, M. Copolla, G. Squires, M. Mortali
1973 J. Collins-Taylor (c), S. McRory, C. Wilson
1974 C. Wilson (c), I. Sunderland, C. Grant, M. Dalton, P. Squarey
1975 P. Murray (c), L. Vallot, S. Ross
1976 L. Vallot (c), D. Sullivan, A. Sabin
1977 C. G. Bryce (c), A. L. Basigara
1978 B. P. Robinson (c), J. P. Stephenson, D. P. Cardiff
1979 P. Vallot (c), T. Welsh, D. J. Blanchard, P. O’Shea, G. A. J. Semple, D. A. Ogilvie, N. R. Robertson
1980 D. A. Ogilvie (c), I. S. Phillips, A. W. McLaughlin, J. D. Kiwanuka, A. M. Mungavin, A. N. Blanchard
1981 A. W. McLaughlin (c), L. Kelly, T. R. Welsh, P. R. Westcott, D. G. S. Nkhoma, J. D. Kiwanuka, D. Boyle
1982 J. D. Kiwanuka (c), D. Boyle, D. G. S. Nkhoma, A. J. O’Sullivan, S. P. Kiwanuka, M. J. Mungavin, P. R. Protte
1983 M. J. Mungavin (c), D. G. S. Nkhoma, C. MacLellan, A. J. Meldrum
1984 P. F. Bennett (c), S. D. Murphy, J. K. Knox, R. L. Giulianotti
1985 E. Brogan (c), R. L. Giulianotti, C. Keaney
1986 M. A. Giulianotti (c), C. Smith, M. Waugh, S. Risi, J. B. Dunn
1987 A. MacMaster (c), M. S. Masini, M. J. Hughes
1988 M. J. Hughes (c), R. Brown, G. M. P. Lappin
1989 M. A. J. Robson (c), V. Igoe
1990 M. J. Lynas (c), J. H. M. Gray
1991 S. Rhodes (c), D. F. M. Gray, M. P. Byrne, C. Murray

Hockey Colours board

1930 G. Whitehead (c), J. Brusey
1931 P. Murray (c), P. Reilly, P. Byrne, J. Stephen, B. Beers, J. O’Hara, J. McLaughlin
1932 J. Stephen (c), B. Beers, P. Reilly, P. Byrne, J. Paterson, J. Lewis, H. Lyall
1933 H. Lyall (c), J. Lewis, P. Byrne, S. Bartlett, J. Barry
1934 S. Bartlett (c), J. Barry, H. Lyall, J. Rogers, R. Phoenix, W. Mackay, T. Barry
1935 T. Barry (c), A. MacQueen, L. Lyall, E. Taylor, P. Mohan
1936 T. Barry (c), F. Taylor, A. MacQueen, W. Young, P. Mohan, M. Loftus, R. Levack
1937 A. MacQueen (c), R. Levack, M. Loftus, G. Davidson, F. MacQueen, O. Walsh, W. MacDonald, W. Christopher, W. Kelly
1938 O. Walsh (c), F. MacQueen, W. MacDonald, V. Birch, R. Anderson
1939 V. Birch (c), R. Anderson, F. Sutherland, R. McLernan, P. Barry, C. van Zeller, R. Smith
1940 R. Anderson (c), R. McLernan, H. MacDonald, T. Sutherland, R. Di Rollo
1941 H. MacDonald (c), R. Di Rollo
1942 R. Baird (c), J. Harris
1943* colours were not awarded
1944 R. MacGrath (c), I. Di Rollo, K. Murray, D. MacFarlane, P. McGregor
1945* colours were not awarded
1946 C. Hall (c), C. Di Giacomo
1947 M. Crawford (c), T. McGregor, J. McClusky, D. Dando
1948 J. Caruana (c), R. Baird, S. Tyskinski, M. Kerrigan
1949* colours were not awarded
1950 K. Smith (c), L. Caruana, T. Eastham
1951 F. Whitehurst (c), J. Malone, R. Seed, P. Laing
1952 F. Whitehurst (c), B. Paton, R. Duncan
1953 F. Whitehurst (c), R. Duncan, B. Paton, R. Chisholm
1954 G. Martin (c), P. Smith, M. McCabe
1955 G. Martin (c), K. Deady, A. Fava
1956 K. Deady (c), G. Davidson, R. Beith, P. Gordon Smith, A. Duncan
1957 P. Gordon Smith (c), A. Duncan
1958 A. Duncan (c), E. Di Rollo, I. F. Macdonald, I. Daly
1959 I. Daly (c), M. Cipolato, I. F. Macdonald
1960 I. F. Macdonald (c), N. C. Taylor, M. Turnbull
1961 R. N. Godfrey (c), J. G. van Bavel, B. J. Mathieson
1962 H. G. Young (c), P. C. Bayliss, A. J. Burns
1963 J. P. Marshall (c), R. C. Drummond, A. J. Burns, H. D. Shannon, P. R. Perrin
1964 R. C. Drummond (c). P. R. Perrin, E. F. Foley, D. I. Colquhoun
1965 J. H. T Slight (c), I. S. Brown, P. J. Diviani, D. M. Waters
1966 T. J. Murphy (c), D. Shannon, C. T. Campbell
1967 D. L. Haworth (c), P. J. Diviani, H. E. Murphy, J. A. MacBride
1968 P. Doyle (c), P. Greco, H. E. Murphy, J. A. MacBride, K. Janik, A. D. M. Cousland
1969 P. Doyle (c), P. Greco, A. Cunningham, W. Chapman
1970 P. Greco (c), G. J. Lumsden, W. M. Chapman, J. Doyle, D. M. Allison, R. Mazzoni
1971 J. Doyle (c), G. J. Lumsden, W. M. Chapman, F.A. Partridge, J. J. Murray, H. P. MacDonald
1972 D. W Butchart (c), K. Slowey, M. M. McLoughlin
1973 G. S. Squires (c), A. J. Whitehead
1974 D. l. Campbell (c), M. G. Chapman, P. M. Couttie
1975 P. M. Couttie (c), C. V. Grant
1976 L. Vallot (c), S. L. Ross, A. J. Sabin, D. R. Milne, C. A. Job
1977 L. Vallot (c), A. J. Sabin, G. A. Hay
1978 C. G. Bryce (c), A. L. Basigara, V. J. Gram-Hansen
1979 V. J. Gram-Hansen (c), B. P. Robinson, A. V. Campopiano, D. A. Seed, A. H. Nicol
1980 J. T. Welsh, A. V. Campopiano, I. S. Phillips
1981 A.V. Campopiano (c), T. L. Kelly, I. S. Phillips, D.A. Ogilvie, A. M. Mungavin, T. R. Welsh, P. N. Bettosi
1982 T. L. Kelly (c), R. Welsh, P. R. Westcott, E. E. Ogilvie
1983 D. K. Kiwanuka (c), D. G. Nkhotna, P. E. Bennett
1984 D. G. Nkhoma (c), P. F. Bennett, J. K. Knox, P. T. Mattison
1985 P. F. Bennett (c), R. L. Giulianotti
1986 R. L. Giulianotti (c), M. A. Giulianotti, S. Phillips
1987 M.A. Giulianotti (c), A. O. Knox
1988 M. J. Hughes (c), M. S. Masini
1989 M. J. Hughes (c), G. M. Lappin
1990 M. A. Robson, F. Igoe, M. Byrne
1991 M. P. Byrne (c), J. H. Gray, M. J. Lynas, D. E. Gray, C. Murray

Cricket Colours board

1923 R. McKillop (c), B. O’Callaghan, T. McArdle, A. MacDonald
1924 T. McArdle (c), R. McKillop, B. O’Callaghan, A. MacDonald, T. White, D. Gargan
1925 T. McArdle (c), R. McKillop, B. O’Callaghan, T. White, D. Gargan, J. McLean
1926 T. McArdle (c), R. McKillop, W. McLean, G. Carruth, H. McDonnell
1927 J. McCombes (c), G. Carruth, J. King, H. Boultwood
1928 H. Boultwood (c), J. Carruth, J. Dunn, J. Birnie
1929 H. Boultwood (c), J. Dunn, J. Carruth, J. Birnie, J. Richardson
1930 J. Birnie (c), J. Brusey, D. Carruth, J. Harrower, J. O’Hara
1931 J. Birnie (c), J. Brusey, J. Harrower, J. O’Hara, J. McLaughlin, P. Murphy
1932 P. Murphy (c), O’Hara, J. McLaughlin, M. Walsh, H. Lyall
1933 M. Walsh (c), H. Lyall, J. Rogers, J. Lewis.
1934 H. Lyall (c), J. Rogers, J. Lewis, W. MacKay, J. Barry
1935 J. Rogers (c), MacKay, J. Barry, T. Fletcher
1936 T. Fletcher (c), W. MacKay, W. Young
1937 T. Barry (c), W. Young, G. Davison
1938 M. Loftus (c), G. Davison, A. MacQueen, O. Walsh
1939 O. Flynn (c), W. MacDonald, V. Birch, R. Anderson
1940 V. Birch (c), O. Flynn, R. Anderson, H. MacDonald, P. Barry
1941 R. Anderson (c), H. MacDonald, J. Dalgleish
1942 R. Baird (c), H. MacDonald, J. Dalgleish, L. Baxter
1943 R. Baird (c), G. Harris
1944 R. Magrath (c), I. Di Rollo, K. Murray, P. McGregor
1945 D. Atkinson (c), K. Murray, J. McCormick, A. Korczynski, C. Hall
1946 C. Hall (c), D. Mckay, M. McCormack, J. McCluskey
1947 M. Crawford (c), J. Korczynski, D. Gordon-Dando, J. McCluskey, T. McGregor
1948 M. Crawford (c), J. McCluskey, T. McGregor, M. Kerrigan, R. Baird
1949 L. Murray (c), M. Kerrigan, R. Baird
1950 K. Smith (c), Rankin, D. Grant
1951 A. Moore (c), F. Whitehurst, F. Chapelle
1952 A. Moore (c), F. Whitehurst
1953 F. Whitehurst (c), Paton, V. Macari
1954 G. Martin (c), G. Davidson
1955 G. Martin (c), G. Davidson, K. Deady, A. Duncan
1956 G. Davidson (c), K. Deady, P. Kelly, A. Duncan
1957 A. Duncan (c), B. Spary
1958 A. Duncan (c), J. Spary, I. Daly, L. Paterson
1959 I. Daly (c), L. Paterson, I. Macdonald
1960 J. Macdonald (c), M. Turnbull, M. Coppin
1961 J. van Bavel (c), R, Godfrey, M. Coppin, H. Young
1962 H. Young (c), M. Coppin, R. Drummond, H. Shannon, V. Di Rollo
1963 R.C. Drummond (c), H.D. Shannon
1964 R.C. Drummond (c), J. H. T. Sleight
1965 J. H. T. Sleight (c), N. Johnston Stewart, H. Anderson
1966 D. M. Shannon (c), D. L. Haworth, M. J. Lynch
1967 D. L. Haworth (c) + others (not known)*
1968 A. O. Lane (c), J. A. MacBride
1969 H. D. S. Gillies (c), A. St. C. Cunningham, F. A. Partridge, V.  T. Chlebowski, M. C. Chilver-Stainer
1970 J. Doyle, P. Greco, F. A. Partridge, V. T. Chlebowski, assumed names from sources
1971 J. Doyle (c), F. A. Partridge, V. T. Chlebowski
1972 K. Slowey (c), S. Barry, R. Bailey
1973 not known
1974 not known
1975 not known
1976 not known
1977 not known
1978 C. G. Bryce (c), A. L. Basigara, M. Horne, B. Robinson, D. King
1979 B. Robinson (c), D. King
1980 R. Delvecchio (c), A. Campopiano
1981 not known
1982 not known
1983 not known
1984 H. Eaton (c)

The cricket colours were not updated in the cricket pavilion after 1965. The additional names have been kindly provided by John Murray.  Further details to be added are welcomed.

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