• Watch this space

    Lunch meetings to be planned in regional centres during 2024. (more)

  • Scottish Child Abuse Enquiry Report

    On 11 August 2021, Lady Smith, Inquiry chair of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, published her report The provision of […] (more)

  • Rededication of Old Boy’s War Memorial

    Old Boys will remember the war memorial which was situated at the fork in the main school drive. It would have been passed by boys countless times possibly not realising its true significance (certainly for the younger OBs). At the OB AGM in 2010, it was agreed that the memorial should be cleaned and the letters re-carved. Fr Benedict Seed re-dedicated the War Memorial on 26 May, which had been newly-restored and re-located at its original position. (more)

  • Abbey Chronology

    Ralph Guilianotti has put together some interesting dates that we thought you might like to see. We are hoping that this will bring up some interesting discussions in the Abbey Forum.  (more)

  • Asteroid named after Dave Gavine

    Wee Dave’ Gavine, a former Geography master at the school has had the honour of having an asteroid named after him. Discovered in January 1989, ‘7120 Davidgavine’ was named after our friend Dave by an astronomer R H McNaught. (more)

  • Carlekemp during the First World War

    Carlekemp was bought in 1945 by Fort Augustus Abbey School as a prep school. Prior to 1945, it had been a family home. The Benedictine Abbess of Holme Eden, formerly the Abbess of the Old Convent at Fort Augustus and the sister of Old Boy Lord Carmont, told her brother to ask St Benedict to find a buyer for Long Bellenden, a handsome property he owned in North Berwick in East Lothian. (more)

  • Notebook from the 1934/35 Hockey Season

    Peter Barry, nephew of our OB, the late Peter Barry, has kindly scanned a 1934/35 Hockey season notebook belonging to his father Thomas (Tom) Barry with notes about each of eight matches against Gordonstoun, Camerons, HLI and various XIs (Mr Threlfall, Mr Cundell, Mr Greenhalgh). It makes fascinating reading of a schoolboy’s perspective over eighty years ago. (more)

  • A Rare Find – 1930s Notebook from Abbey Schoolboy

    A notebook containing photos, fixture lists, many newspaper cuttings, a ticket for the Scotland v England rugby match in 1939 and many precious cuttings and notes was recently discovered. The content of the notebook has been scanned and the whole notebook can be found here. (more)

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