Message from the new Chairman, Ian Traquair

We are a unique and shrinking group of people so the FAOB Association is a special vehicle for sharing our experiences in our formative years as well as enjoying the company of other persons outside our study years at Fort Augustus and Carlekemp.

I hope that we can regenerate interest in our association and determine what our members would like to see in the way of activities that we may share together. I appreciate that COVID and other factors have affected participation in the Association, but I must stress that if there is no participation and commitment to continue the interaction between OB’s, the FAOB cannot exist in a vacuum and the support of you all, is essential for its continued existence.

We are currently validating the register of members. Current records are incomplete and we will be emailing those members for whom we have an email address and sending surface mail to those for whom we don’t have an email address.  If you have never received an email or a letter from the association in the past, it is highly likely that we don’t have a record of you, and it would be really helpful if you could contact us by email with your details so that we can update the register. It is our intention to use email as the prime contact medium for notifications of events as there will be local opportunities.

In conversation with a number of OB’s, it would appear that there is a preference to have lunch meetings in some regional centres.  Locations under consideration include: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Birmingham, London.  Once we have completed the register, we will have an up to date record of member distribution and will be better placed to plan events and locations.  We welcome any suggestions in the meantime as to locations and event ideas. 

An important reminder. It is Your Association and it exists for your benefit and is a valuable historical resource. Please consider what you can do and how you and others can benefit from your membership contribution.

Thank you to those who have responded so far, and I look forward hearing from and meeting many of you in the near future.

Ian Traquair

More information about the Old Boys Association and how to join and support us can be found here  

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