Scotball is the eagerly awaited follow-up to the author’s critically acclaimed debut novel “Paradise Road”. Scotball is a searing examination of the current state of Scottish football and the various social, political and economic forces that combine to strangle its integrity and potential. It will have a wide appeal  being of interest to everyone concerned about Scottish football and its relationship to Scottish society.”

Peter Fitzpatrick returns home to Kirkintilloch with his Czech wife after five years in Prague. Resuming his previous career in banking and financial service, he feels unfulfilled. His application to host a television programme discussing the hot topics relating to Scottish football eventually finds  favour. ‘The Scottish Football Debate’, or ‘Scotball’ is born.

The show is an instant hit; it tackles the problems relating to the game in a forthright and intelligent manner.   It wins praise for being uncluttered by the customary agendas and petty grievances which usually distort and disfigure these types of shows. The programme runs successfully for two full seasons, debating and discussing such previously taboo subjects as sectarianism, declining standards in Scottish football and the pejorative influence of finances and a too powerful media on the game, when the biggest story in the history of Scottish sport begins to unfold, namely the financial liquidation of Rangers.

Gradually the free reign that the show was permitted for open discussion begins to be checked, and due to hidden conflicts of interest, the editorial license of the programme makers is slowly eroded. The story concludes with Peter’s dramatic reaction to this establishment response to his programme

Stephen O’Donnell was born in Glasgow. After working in Scotland, London and Prague, he has returned home as a full- time writer. Currently halfway through his next book, Stephen will be a welcome intellectual addition to the Scottish literary scene.

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