Stephen Orban OB

News has been received of the unfortunate passing of Stephen Orban, one of the OBs from the last days of the school.

Stephen was at the school from around 1989 until it closed.

He died on 20th September 2018 in Cleveland, USA. He was born Oct. 4th, 1974 in Naples, Italy, while his father was stationed in the U.S. Navy and Stephen spent most of his youth in Scotland, and lived all over Europe. During his early years, he was employed at the Ford Modeling Agency and was featured in many prints and catalogues, including Abercrombie and Fitch. He also modelled internationally in Japan and Thailand. Stephen put down his roots down in Cleveland 15 years ago and successfully dealt in world class antiques and fine art with his father, John Orban, exhibiting in national and international antique shows. He was a natural in sales, which later led to successful work as a Mercedes Benz salesman and Real Estate Agent (fromĀ

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