Sir Garth Morrison (Carlekemp)

Born: 1927
Died: 2013

Sir Garth MorrisonĀ 1943-2013. Born in Edinburgh 1943, his early education was at Carlekemp Priory
School and thence to Pangbourne in Berkshire after which he went to the Britannia Royal Naval College
Dartmouth, and later Cambridge University where he graduated BA in 1966. He served as an
engineering officer in the Royal Navy for 12 years, most of the time in nuclear submarines, retiring with
the rank of lieutenant in 1973. Sir Garth became Chief Scout in 1988. He was Deputy Lieutenant for
East Lothian 1984-2001 and Lord Lieutenant for the County in 2001, a post he held until his death on
24th May 2013.

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