Mike Drummond OB

Mike was born on 20th October 1943. He was educated at a small private school in Kirkcaldybefore going to boarding school at Carlekemp in North Berwick then Fort Augustus School. On leaving school he went to Liverpool and worked for Dixons Photographic, spending many a lunch time in the Cavern Club where he saw The Beatles and many other bands perform. He became a manager with Dixons setting up and opening many new Branches. Mike then ventured into the import export business, then worked with Citizen Watches where he set up their catalogue and became a regional manager. He then moved to Clydesdale retailer as a manager but soon moved on. Mike eventually set up a photographic business taking many wedding pictures as well as the commercial side of the business. Latterly he was involved with interactive web design and taught himself the computer skills he required and learned to read and write script. Mike married Lorna in 1973 and at the time was a member of the Kirkcaldy Rugby Club. When the School at Fort Augustus closed, Mike set up the web site to continue the Old Boys Association. Mike did not like going to the Abbey School but once he left he frequently returned to see old friends at the school and people within the village. He loved to have people around him and enjoyed music especially, Jerry Lee Lewis, he frequented the pub and enjoying his pints of beer and if the karaoke was on at the Old Port Bar, Mike would be up for entertaining everyone. He was popular with the locals. Mike was kind to animals and referred to them as Gods own creatures Mike sadly died on 14th of April 2008.

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