Father Ninian MacDonald

born 18 December 1887 in Fort Augustus
died 18 May 1972 aged 85
clothed 31 May 1906
professed 18 August 1907 under Fr Hilary Willson
solemn profession 21 November 1910
ordained 1912

Born to John and Anne MacDonald, baptised: John MacDonald

Educated at Fort Augustus

He started monastic life in Fort Augustus under Abbot Linse. During the First World War, he was an Army Chaplain (23 Division in France, then 48 Division in Italy) and negotiated cease-fire with Austrians. He worked as negotiator/interpreter for Allied Commission round Fiume until 1922. He was in USA (Portsmouth Abbey, then Newman, Delbarton for Newark Abbey).

Father Ninian was headmaster of Fort Augustus from 1923 – 1929

He was also a chaplain to Kilgraston Convent (Sacred Heart nuns).

Father Ninian’s headstone in the monk’s cemetery

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