Father Kentigern Milne

born 8 October 1856 in  Moray
died 7 March 1942 aged 85
clothed 1936
professed 28 February 1878
ordained 30 May 1884

Born to Robert and Helen (née Geddes) Milne and baptised Alexander Milne

Educated at Blairs College and Valladolid (Scots), he held the office of prefect of school and prior (three times)

He started as a seminarian, then Belmont and was appointed (to his astonishment) as Prior(Superior) by Rome 1886, personally selected by the Pope because he was a Scotsman (Whelan, Annals 1.272; cf M.Butler, Holme Eden: the nuns of Fort Augustus, 2006 pp 13-15).

Fr Kentigern was later Prior 1891-10, under Abbot Linse, and 1913-17

Father Kentigern’s headstone in the monk’s cemetery

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