Father Elphege Cody

born 5 September 1847 in Bath
died 7 February 1891 aged 43
clothed 28 September 1865 at Belmont Abbey
solemn profession 8 December 1869
ordained 29 June 1874

Baptised: George Cody to George and Sarah (née Winter).

Brother of Fr Sigebert Cody

Educated at Belmont

Missions involved with included Redditch 1877-78

Originally clothed for St Gregory’s. Fr Elphege taught philosophy at Belmont 1873-77 and moved to Fort Augustus in 1879 (he was in Prague Abbey 1881-82);

In August 1879 the monastic and collegiate buildings of St Benedict’s College in Fort Augustus were finally completed. The fledgling Community consisted of Frs Jerome Vaughan (Prior), James Bernard Murphy (Sub-prior); Anselm Robertson, Nicholas Frie, George Elphege Cody, his brother John Sigebert Cody and William Alexius Eager.

Fr Elphege was a writer. In 1884, he wrote an article which was published in The Nineteenth Century, A Monthly Review Volume 16. It can be read on the corbie website. – see cover below. He also edited The historie of Scotland wrytten first in Latin by the most reuerend and worthy Jhone Leslie, bishop of Rosse, and translated in Scottish by Father James Dalrymple … 1596, ed. Elphege George Cody, 2 vols, Scottish Text Society 19, 34 (Edinburgh, 1888, 1895) – see cover below.

An obituary was written in Merry England  a monthly magazine published between 1883 and 1895 – Reminiscences of Reverend Elphege Cody.  The only reference found is the first page

Father Elphegus’s (unusual as it is inconsistent with the other gravestones) gravestone in the monk’s cemetery

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