Father Aelred White

born 31 October 1891 in Southampton
died 9 November 1954 aged 63 due to a stroke and at Birtley where he is buried
clothed 4 October  1913
professed 5 October 1914
ordained 21 May 1932

Born to Thomas Alan and Sarah Anne White and baptised Horace White.

Father Aelred first tried the Augustinians of the Assumption in Belgium.

Fr Aelred worked in hospitals during the Great War. When the School reopened in January 1924 Fr Aelred was on the School staff.  He taught French and Music and was an expert on voice production.

His missions included: Merthyr Tydfil 1930, Warrington 1932, Fort Augustus 1946, Andover, Frizington, Birtley 1947 until his  death

Obituary from the Ampleforth Journal

FR AELRED WHITE, of Fort Augustus Abbey, who died on 9th November 1954, has a large claim on our prayers, for by the generosity of his Superiors he was allowed to help in our parishes. For most of the year 1930 he was at Merthyr Tydfil, and then for sixteen years at St Alban’s, Warrington. He was a man of many gifts and immense zeal. He was particularly successful in attracting and instructing converts. His own history may have contributed to this success, for he had been brought up on Evangelical principles and passed thence to High Anglicanism before being received into the Church. He suffered much from general ill health and particularly from weak eyesight, but was brave in the way he faced his impediments. May he rest in peace.

Father Aelred was not buried in the monk’s cemetery but is buried at Birtley where he died

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