Brother Michael Maguire

bornĀ  7 January 1910 in Glasgow
died 9 February 1996 In Glasgow of a stroke aged 86
clothed 25 May 1948
professed 17 July 1949
solemn profession 29 September 1952

Brother Michael has two sisters who became nuns and a brother who became a priest (Glasgow). He worked as a slater and plasterer was served in the fire service in war (esp Clydebank blitz 1940-41) and latterly as a joiner at FA. He was the last of FA laybrothers.

It was Br Michael who had cast the concrete steps in the monastery garden by which the highest floods were measured – up to the fifth step in 1989 but only up to the second step in 1990.

Brother Michael’s gravestones in the monk’s cemetery

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