Archbishop Joseph MacDonald

born 12 February 1871 in Fort William
died 22 May 1950 aged 79 at St. Bennet’s (Archbishop’s House), Edinburgh
clothed 23 January 1889 by Abbot Linse
ordained 9 August 1896
elected Abbot 1912
appointed Archbishop of St Andrews & Edinburgh 12 July 1929
ordained Archbishop of St Andrews & Edinburgh 24 September 1929 in St. Mary, Cathedral, Edinburgh
buried St. Mary, Cathedral, Edinburgh

Born to Donald Peter and Jessie Mary, he was baptised: Andrew MacDonald

He was educated in Edinburgh High, Fort Augustus and in Germany

He was sub-prior in 1896 and abbot from 1919-29

His missions were in Liverpool (1911).

He was raised to Archbishop of St Andrews & Edinburgh in 1929, a post he held until 1950. As Archbishop, he encouraged religious orders to come into the diocese ((CP,OP 1931; WF 1933, Cistercians 1947)

As Abbot he reopened the school at Fort Augustus in 1920 and was responsible for the foundation of Washington & Portsmouth Priories.

Archbishop Joseph was not buried in the monk’s cemetery

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