Abbots of Fort Augustus

15 July 1888 – 1909
Abbot Leo Linse
Due to ill health, Abbot Linse resigned in 1909. In 1910, Fort Augustus ceased to be an Abbey. Fr Kentigern Milne administered affairs until 1912
Abbot Sir David Oswald Hunter- Blair
Resigned November 1917
27 August 1919
re-elected 1927
Abbot Andrew Joseph MacDonald
Appointed Archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh on 19 July 1929

11 November 1929
re-elected 4 November 1937

Abbot Wulstan Knowles
resigned 1939
Due to a lack of monks who were serving as chaplains in the Second World War, an abbatial election was not possible. Fr Anselm Rutherford was appointed Claustral Prior of Fort Augustus
re-elected 1944Abbot Wulstan Knowles 
9 January 1952
Abbot Oswald Eaves
Latterly Vicar General of Sweden
30 December 1959 
9 January 1968
Abbot Nicholas Holman
Installed by Abbot President – Abbot Holman was a Downside monk
24 April 1991
Abbot Mark Dilworth
The last abbot of Fort Augustus
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