Message from the new Chairman, Ian Traquair

I hope that we can regenerate interest in our association and determine what our members would like to see in the way of activities that we may share together. We are a unique and shrinking group of people so the FAOB Association is a special vehicle for sharing our experiences in our formative years as well as enjoying the company of other persons outside our form years at Fort Augustus and Carlekemp.

I hope with your help, to achieve this in three ways.

Firstly, to validate the register of members. This will be done by a mailed questionnaire to the last known address of FAOB’s. Please confirm your name and email address used on this Google form and also please help us to widen our search for Old Boys and Girls by sharing this link with fellow Old Boys and Girls. If you have moved or believe that your details are out of date, or even if you have never had any information directly from the Fort Augustus Old Boys Association, please use the contact section in the web site This will be invaluable help to ensure that we maintain contact with former Old Boys and Girls.

Secondly, to re-establish our Annual Dinner fixture in October (the last being held on Saturday 14 October 2023). This has been a huge success in previous years and is a great opportunity to be together and share comradeship over the different generations.

Finally, we would like to determine other activities or media that would be of interest to as a group. To that end we will prepare a questionnaire and if you have any suggestions meantime, please feel free to add to your input in the contacts section of the website. The goal is to promote activities and to encourage opportunities for contact between FAOB’s before the Association ceases to exist on the death of our last student.

It is your Association and it exists for your benefit and is a valuable historical resource. Please consider what you can do and how you can benefit from your contribution.

Many thanks, Ian Traquair

More information about the Old Boys Association and how to join and support us can be found here  

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